Latinitas’ Whole Chica Leadership Incubator equips high school women to personally and economically succeed through a 12-week training program delivered by community leaders in entrepreneurship and innovation. The program begins at a weekend retreat to bond and discover strengths, personality traits, goals and challenges. Sessions are weekly for 3 hours, one hour is focused on developing personal skills, another for professional skills and the remaining hour on entrepreneurship delivered by balanced community-minded business leaders. Sessions will introduce mindful practices such as journaling, meditating and thinking critically. Following Weeks 3, 6 and 9 there will be a weekend project designed to provide an opportunity to lead a community impact project. Whole Chica will be about effectively diversifying Austin’s pipeline of business and social entrepreneurs and infusing the city’s economic landscape with new, unheard voices.

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Latinitas, an Austin-based nonprofit organization, is dedicated to empowering all girls to innovate using media and technology, providing direct digital media and technology training and esteem-boosting services to nearly 3,000 girls and teens across Texas annually, 2000 in Central and 1000 more in West Texas.

With programs entirely at Title 1 schools, public housing sites and libraries, Latinitas has served over 30,000 of Texas’ most marginalized girls and teens through after school clubs, weekend workshops, teen internships, camps and conferences. Having mentors who reflect the community its serves has made Latinitas the only bilingual tech education agency in Austin for 16 years, one of a handful nationally.

Lessons at Latinitas cover a wheelhouse of digital media production, technology and cultural literacy from blogging, podcasting, filmmaking, graphic and web design to the latest 2.0 technologies explored in coding, virtual and augmented reality, drone technology, 3D printing and robotics. Media and technology are also natural platforms for exploring college attainment, health and wellness and becoming an entrepreneur, themes Latinitas implements in all its programs.

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